Monday, October 28, 2013

Sick all weekend

So I am a little discouraged right now. I started getting a head cold or something just over a wk ago.  Then Friday I started running a fever, left work about 3
(as soon as I started feeling feverish), bc I don't like to share my germs and if you are running a fever you are sick and really should be at home IMO. Anyways. Saturday was my stepbrothers wedding, which I had been looking forward to for weeks, spent lots of money preparing for, but Saturday am I felt worse and still had a fever so we had to stay home ( wedding was 2.5 hrs from home so not something to show u p and sneak out of). I am the only one of the kids that live local so I don't get to see my siblings as much as I would like to. I was so looking forward to being there for Chris and Danielle's big day and to get to spend time with all my nephews.
ON top of missing a chance to see my family I have not run or been to the gym since THURSDAY. For those of  you who don't know, my WL is directly tied to my exercise. I don't exercise, I don't loose. I also missed my long run I had scheduled for yesterday and now I am down to just 4 wks till my half. I know I will be able to do it as of right now, I just wanted to be better trained than I am, so I would not be so slow. But it is what it is.
I feel about 90% better now, I can tell I am not 100% as I am still coughing real bad. But my goal is to go to the Greenway at lunch for a quick 3 mile run and then again after work for another 5.5 miles... not the same as my long run would have been yesterday but hopefully will help get back at it and on track..
Anyways that is enough complaining for me. Sorry today's been more of a rant and whining session.

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