Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In #30

I am still not 100% and to be quite honest I AM SICK of not feeling well... today is day 11 in a row with a headache. I want whatever this is to be gone.
Weigh in this week was not great. And I "could" beat myself up over it, but I am choosing not to, (no excuses though just life). That wont help at all. This week was my first gain .8 Lbs not much but if a lose is a lose then a gain is a gain and I am owning it.
While I was down sick I've been doing some research into carb cycling. I eat pretty much the same foods day in and out and I am wondering if it will help to switch things up a bit.
There are many different carb cycling plans but I found one for females that looked like I could do on the Livestrong site. ( some plans had so many protein grams per day I don't know how I would stay with in my calories or physically eat it all.. anyhow) So Nov 1 I am going to start carb cycling. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Wk #30
Starting weight 273
Today 179.9 ( +.8 Lbs)
Total Lose 93.1

Mini Goal Stats
6.9 Lbs to go
3.5 Wks

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  1. oooh...super interested in hearing about which plan you use and how it works. This is something I've found works for me, but I don't do it consistently....and don't know enough about it to really be dedicated to it yet.