Friday, October 25, 2013

Confessions of a Gummy Bear Addict

OK so I LOVE gummy bear. I am not sure why they are at my house but they are and yesterday I came home at lunch time to chill for a min and had WAY too many... I mean if I had stopped at one serving it would have been ALL GOOD... but that's not how it went.. about 2 maybe 3 serving later my gut was killing me :( what the heck was I thinking.. So last night after getting off work, instead of going to the gym for what should have been just a strength training day, I ran at the greenway in the cold and I ran till my tummy no longer ( about 6 miles). Since I just started running this year, I learned something important last night. So when its cold DON'T STOP... at about the 5 mile mark I thought ok I will walk the last mile, I got the time and the sun light and I NEVER get a decent cool down. So I will walk ( briskly) that last mile... Ok so when its cold outside and you work up a sweat and are damp all over and  you stop running taking it down to walk IT GETS COLDER THAN CRUDE... Oh my goodness I made it about a quarter mile walking and had to run the rest of that last mile just to hurry up and get into the warmth of the car... LOL. Well Live and Learn.

Well on to what I have hope to be is a great Friday, or at least a great end of the work week :)

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  1. lol...the running thing made me laugh. You are dedicated. I haven't strapped on my shoes since my last 5K. Its sooo cold now. And to think I used to complain about running in the heat.

    PS. I LOVE gummy bears too. And licorice. That stuff HAS to stay away or I totally indulge.