Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #32

Pretty good week. I mean I was not expecting much of a loss this week since I showed a HUGE one last week.
Starting weight 273
Today's weight 175.5 ( .2 loss since last week)

Mini Goal Stats
1.5 wks left 2.5 Lbs left. To hit this goal I need to stay very focused for the nxt couple weeks. But I think I can do it :)

I am currently about 25 lbs from goal and can tell its coming off much slower than it used to. I am still carb cycling, I enjoy it and my body feels well on this eating plan so I will probably stick with it.
On the running front... I enjoying running outside MUCH more than running inside on the treadmill but now that its dark when I get off I thought I was going to be stuck inside with the exception of my long weekend runs. Well I've run on my lunch break twice now and I really enjoy it. B/c I can only be out there for 40 min it is the perfect time for me to work on my speed work. Yesterday I got my 5K time down to 32min 18sec which is super for me (remember I am not a fast runner :) ).. I really want that time under 30 eventually but when I start to think where I started, I am just at awe. I really believe you don't know just what your body is capable of until you get out there and push it.
Anyways off to work. Happy Hump Day!