Friday, November 1, 2013

New Month

Happy November!!!! I am exciting to be starting a new month with lots of new goals and with a new weigh... I went on and started carb cycling Wednesday since I had deemed Friday and Sat to be my hi carb days for this program, and really didn't want to start out with 2 hi carb days. Rather get a couple low carb days under my belt first... Today my scales said 175.2 ( yes I double cked) this is a 4.7 Lb loss since my Wednesday Weigh in... Of course this does not count in my book since I only track my Wednesday weights but it was super nice to see and encouraged me I am on the right track. Then last night I was up all night unable to sleep so I was going back over the last 6+ mnths and I remembered my first visit with the PA post surgery and he had asked me what I was averaging a day carb wise. I had told him I was not sure the DR and Nut. had told me to count my proteins and everything else would line up. The PA suggested I aim for half as many carbs a day and I was hitting in protein... or at least close to that.. in other words if its a 90 gram Protein day that would be 45 in carbs etc. I did this to the T for the following month and had awesome loss appt to appt.. Then somewhere along the way I think I got sloppy. I was looking back through MFP app and lately Ive been averaging about even protein and carbs.. SAY WHAT..
There are many carb cycle programs out there. The one I chose looks like this.
5 Low Carb Days and 2 HI Carb days a week.. They noted to set your calories for what is best for your own low carb days I've settled for about 1100 ( so far its been more like 950-1000) and 0-50 Carbs, I am getting the full 50 carbs lol... The Hi Carb days can be any 2 days of the wk, can be done back to back but does not have to, I will aim for 1200-1500 Calories and up to 243 Carbs... for me this will be more like 100 tops I don't know how I would get in 243 unless I ate bread or pasta but I don't eat those items anymore so I think 100 is better for me to aim for. 100 will allow a little more flexibility with out going crazy.
I am exciting to see what is to come, based on this mornings weigh in I am only 2.2 Lbs from the 100 lb mark and this makes to so happy I want to burst!


  1. congrats on the number even if it doesn´t count. Think I might look up this carb cycle stuff. Will need all the help I can to get below 100 kg (220 pounds) :D

    1. You can do it girl.. I will look up the website I found the program on I am using and FB message you the link :)