Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weigh In Wedneday #34

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
I woke up thinking it was Friday... I mean it kind of it. Today is my last work day of the week. But instead of having 2 days off,  I get 4. Cant get much more awesome than that!
We have never ever been at home for a Thanksgiving. This year however we are starting our own thing and staying home. Just me, hubby and K and that is suiting us just fine. We have family spread out everywhere, and we always seem to be the one doing the traveling which is all fine and good but sometimes you just need a break. I will be starting the baking tonight. I have a Turkey Trot 8K run tomorrow morning first thing. Then once we get home Hubby will throw the  turkey in, ( there is just 3 of us so I just got a breast) and myself and K will start on the side.. I cant wait.
Then later tomorrow evening my nephew will get to town, he is staying with us till Sat, and we are super excited. I have some goodies to make with him and some Christmas tree crafts. Then we are meeting some others at the park for a couple hours to play.. A good time to be had by all I'm sure.
Anyways on to weigh in. No change since Sunday (mini goal deadline) That last 1/2 pound just taunts me. But that's ok Ill get there.

Starting Weight 273
Current 173.5
Total Loss 99.5

So on the work out front... I spoke with my boss last Friday. He is in to fitness and asked him what he uses for muscle recover. What I was using was not cutting it after that Core Class last week. He gave me the name of something and Saturday morning I headed to GNC. OK I could not find what he suggested anywhere and the guy working at the store was useless. So I wandered through the store reading bottles, getting on google on my phone to check reviews ( HELLO WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE SMART PHONES..LOL) I ended up with AMP Recovery PM. Its a powder you mix with 8 oz of water and drink right before you go to sleep. I swear I think this stuff really works. I mean I've never been able to work out the day after one of my long runs.. its like my body calls a time out or something... BUT I started drinking it Saturday night to help with some of the pain I was still in from the class and have taken it every night since.  SO Monday... day after 13.20 mile run in the freezing cold on Sunday, I was able to feel good about going to the gym that night. And not just going and putting in half effort to say it was done. I cycled 16 miles in 60 min and at a higher resistance than ever before... before my miles had never broke 15 in an hour. And I was back in there last night on the stair climber for an hour.. Honestly I could go back tonight but I'm forcing myself to stick with my squats and some calisthenics to rest up for my run tomorrow. I want a new personal record tomorrow, so my legs need to be rested.
I Hope you all have a great Holiday and I wlll leave you with a list of some of the things I am thankfull for.
* My Husband
*My Daughter
* My Family
* Our Home
* The fact I have a job
* My Band ( love my Lap Band)
* The fact our daily needs are met
*Support Buddys ( band buddys and workout buddys)
* My Church
* some time off :)
Just to name a few!!!

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