Monday, November 4, 2013

Long Run - Saturday

I went out for my long run Saturday.. made it 12 miles... So I am deeming myself ready for my half in 3 wks. When I first signed up for it I told myself  I'd be happy with myself if I could run half and walk half, and all around just finish it. But as I've trained I have really told myself I wanted to run it all even if its a slow run.. I have had several set backs over the month of Oct.. hurting my knee had me down a wk.. this stupid upper resp crap that Ive been fighting for now 2 WEEKS GGGRRRR! any ways I ran the first 9 miles  Saturday then had to walk to last 3.. I was super bummed with myself. I mean in my head I know I shouldn't be, when I started running in May I could go 1.80 miles in 30 min and that was me going as fast as I I know really bad and out of shape. Now even walking that last 3 and a break where I literally sat down and called hubby to tell me I COULD make it the last mile to the car... yep that was me. I did 12 miles in less than 3 hrs... I just am too hard on myself and really want to be able to do that 13.1 in less than 2 hr 45 min... I know its possible its not even a fast pace at all. Any ways I will be proud of myself whatever time I make. Bc this is my first, 13.1 is a haul, and everyone has to start somewhere. Sat was also the first time I have taken out a water bottle. I typically don't run w water I just down a bottle when I get back to the car. But my last super long run ( 10 miles) I felt like I hit a wall at about 6-7 miles in so I got a bottle with a hand strap so I don't really have to hold it, but it will definitely take some getting used to, that is extra weight and the strap rubs. I also had done some research on energy supplements for long runs. I wanted something that would not melt ( at least would not be messy if it did) and that I could easily chew up and swallow while running. I chose gummy bears as several had mentioned they were good for energy ( sugar) just didn't not have any other Nut Value. I measured out one serving BUT that sugar only helped about 20 min, so for me as someone who is counting everything not worth it if it did nt help very long. I picked up some Think Thin protein bars Sunday and will try those next weekend but will have to make sure I run on a hi carb day since they have a ton of carbs in them, but with the carbs they pack 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN so I am hoping this will be perfect.
My plan is to run long again this coming up weekend then tapper of for the 2 wks right at the half. Giving my muscles plenty of time to fully recover prior to.
Just kind of a funny... You know that moment on a long run when  you see another runner approaching and you think "oh CRAP" they are going to speak or wave at me and I know it is not physically possible for me, to continue breathing, stay up right and either say hey or wave.... yep that was me towards the end Saturday, at least I can say I gave it my all...

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