Friday, November 22, 2013

So Sore

Last night I talked myself into taking a core class at the gym. It was only 30 min and the trainer that has worked with me in the past was the one teaching it so I thought, Ok lets do this.
Let me start by saying I much rather work out alone and just on cardio. My brain is still full of all my "Fluffy Girl" fears and insecurity's. When it comes to classes these are some of the things you would hear if you were in my brain. Will I be able to keep up, Am I coordinated enough to do what the instructor is saying, What if there is something I just cant do... What will people think... and it goes on and on... When I started running I told myself everyone starts somewhere and its normally not as a marathon runner, it takes dedication and practice and a lot of sweat. For some reason this line of thoughts never crossed my mind when it came to the rest of my work outs.. mainly classes.
I have been noticing a lot lately that I need to add other things into my work out schedule. For many reason, such as I have no butt any more.... it looks odd and I'm unhappy with it. I know I need to strengthen my core ( Im rolly and I have to make sure I have my clothes laid just right or you can really tell) and my legs, and that by doing this it will help my running speed and endurance. The fact of the matter though is running, getting on the elliptical, rowing or doing the stationary bike make me happy. They make me sweat and leave me feeling like Ive done something. And when I think of strength training UUUGGG I just hate the thought, I mean you have to count reps and move from machine to machine adjusting stuff... Really I want to get on One Machine turn Netflix on, on the Nook and go for 60-90 min.
So that should all give some back ground to my where I am at mentally with work outs...
So as I said last night, 30 min core class. I had warned the trainer I was coming so he was ready to explain EVERY move to me and I really didn't get lost with anything we were doing.. and honestly I rocked the first 15 min.. But then those last 15 min absolutely kicked my tail. We did so many sit ups and crunches and planks with and with out weights and medicine balls that I lost count. By the last five min I literally could not do what he was telling us to I kind of just sat there in this odd position, pretending and hoping no one would notice. BUT ITS ALL GOOD B/C next week I will be going back and planning to stay for the next class that starts right after core, its called sports conditioning. So yay me.
Now today OMG everything hurts all my abs, upper legs, arms, all of it. I just hope I'm done hurting by Sunday .. I think I should be, if I don't do anything stupid the next two days..
Ive also started a squat challenge with one of my girlfriends, starts today and will run us through the weekend right before Christmas. We also started being exercise accountability partners. We don't live to close ea other and have different family situations so we cant really work out together but every day when we are done with our workouts we txt the other to let them know. I think it helps to know someone is waiting on that txt.
SO this post has rambled all over the place. But I'm done for now I hope you all have a great weekend.

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