Sunday, November 24, 2013

Greenway Gobbler Half-Marathon

What a morning ..high today was supposed to be 39 it never got over 30 w  strong wind the whole run... But I made it.. and in less time than my original goal.. 13.20 miles (finish line wasn't quite lined up at the 13.1 mark) in 2 hrs 48 min. Weigh in for my mini goal was 173.5.. so I missed the goal by half a pound but I'm still proud of myself. I did learn a few things today. . 30 is cold.. I need warmer clothes if I'm going to run outside this winter.. gloves, tabogon and running pants and an absolute must.. I normally run in running capris.. bc of the temps I ran in performance yoga good..I need something that's snug all the way down not that flares. I also use this ear muff band for my ear...not good enough need something that covers my whole head. My jacket has the thumb holes so they cover a bit of my hands but my fingers got entirely too cold.. but I now know these things so next time should be better. Now its time to rehydrate and stretch good so I don't get too sore.. thank you all for your encouragement it means so much.


  1. Wow, a half marathon - congrats! Right now I can't imagine running one. I did a 5k earlier this year and that was so hard for me!

    Also, I see a really big difference in your face girl! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Hooray for a half marathon! Good Job!!!