Sunday, June 9, 2013

2 wks down One to go

Finally we are in the home stretch.. hubby will be home in a wk, and we are SOOOO ready. We miss him tons plus its so much extra work for me and my daughter with farm chores on top of our normal daily chores/work/school. But K is officially out of school for the summer so that will save about 20 min in the morning of drive time for me driving her to school. So I will be able to use that time to do the Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred DVD ( only 22 min :) )
 I know I said I was giving up on cooking till he gets home ( since he is the cook and I just well... CANT) ..well my loving mom lent me one of  her crock pots and I have made 2 edible meals this week in it and another scheduled for tomorrow... Thank goodness.
I am not sure I will make my goal of 11 LBs by time he comes home but we will see, as of this morning I was still  about 6 away, I have had a hard time get enough calories in daily for the last 2 wks and have not been in the gym enough. I truly believe the band in just ONE tool in my WL journey, for me to have descent WL I must work out hard daily and when I dont my WL stalls ( as has been the case the last 2 wks)
5K update - My 5K is in 2 wks... I cant wait I am so excited. I wont be the fastest there by any means and will have to walk  ( fast walk but still walk) for a good bit BUT I will finish. And it will give me a base time to work for all future runs to aim to be faster in... I did run a whole mile today straight... I know that is not a big deal for some but for this pudgy girl from JOCO its a Big Deal!! Would have gone more but the treadmill I was on decided I was done and shut completely off and I could not for the life of me get it back on. So I jumped on the elliptical before my heart rate dropped back down.
Any ways thats all my updates for right now :)

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