Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Wednesday Weigh In!!!

Todays New Weight 216.1 That is 5 LBS this week and  56.9 LBS in all! WOW ... Back on track and loving it. I love my little routine and so does my body. I have figured out what works for me and if I am not in that routine boy can I tell a difference!
Also today I am in a pair of size 12 pants ...say WHAT????? I have been blessed with a LOT of hammi down clothes multiple sizes that the OCD in me have sorted my item and size in bags in my closet so last night just to see how far away from a 12 I was ,I pulled the bag of 12 pants out and started trying them on... I cant wear them all BUT I got in and fit comfortably in 4 pair... I almost sat down and cried.
So that brings me to this, if you are local to me in NC ( Triangle Area) and want to start a clothing swap or something similar let me know ( currently I can wear from about 3 sizes hoping to close that gap to 2 shortly ( 12 and 14 from 16, 12 and 14) crazy the difference in fit btwn one brand and another in ladys clothing... Hubby can go in any store and get anything of the rack with out trying on and knows it will fit... not the case with us girls :) oh well..

So this Saturday is the COLOR VIBE run in Raleigh. I am so excited not only bc its my first 5 K but bc I get to meet a  fellow bandster. Someone that has quickly become a friend with out us ever meeting and who has been an awesome support to me on my journey. If you dont know Hollee from Hollees Weight Loss Adventure check out here Blogg I encourage you, if don't have a support group to attend reach out and try to find a local band buddy, someone that knows what you are going through and the challenges. They are truly a wonderful support.

And in honor of Saturdays Run!!!
In my case a LOTTA Sweat...

Hey Dad if you read this Cousin Nicole is in the Color Vibe Run Sat too... Will be a lot of people there so not for sure I will find her but I will try !


  1. Can't wait to meet you!!! ....and if you ever feel like handing down some size 14 or, you know where to find me!

    1. Cool I will hook you up with some stuff Friday at packet pick up time :)

  2. Yes!!! 5 lbs!!! I do the same thing with my clothes :) I sure hope we get to meet on Saturday!!