Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Running Group and C25K

So as you may remember I started the C25k program several months ago... Ended up with serious knee issues and had to back off of it and kind of ease back into it and let my body tell me when to run and when to stop. This got me trained enough to finish my first 5k which was my ONLY goal for that first JUST FINISH...lol and I did...
Well my band buddy Hollee runs with a group she really enjoys in Raleigh and I thought, well my knee is doing better and I need the support of others to get my speed where I want it for my next run in Aug. So when her group started the C25K program over, I decided to join with her. Last night was the first meet up W1 D1

I found it easier to keep running when I got tired running with other people than on a treadmill. B/c lets be honest if I get tired on the treadmill I just bump that speed on down... So goal for my next run (Aug 10th) is to RUN the whole thing no walking, and by doing so will beat my Color Vibe time :)

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