Monday, June 24, 2013

Time to Re-Focus a bit

I spent some time this weekend looking back at MFP and my protein over the last month or so, and it has been lacking, I mean I have been getting 60 grams in but not really any more ( and still only about 800 cals). So I have a game plan to have about 70 grams in BEFORE dinner each day this wk ( Matt makes dinner so that is hard for me to know in "advance" but he knows how to cook for me and I can guess ahead on about 20 at a meal  70+20=90). I would like to get my average back up to about 90 grams a day ( calories should come up to about 1,000 too). I feel better and my loss is better with higher protein. Also while I am at improving, prior to surgery I was drinking 120+ oz of water a day, now its 60-70 oz WHATS UP WITH THAT CHRISTY!!!! My nutritionist told us Protein burns off the fat ( so keep Protein up) but water flushes it out ( so drink drink drink ) My goal is to get my water back to at least 100 oz a day. I know this is doable I just have to focus on it.
I start with a running group tonight. Its an 8 wk program, 3 days a wk ( M,W, and F.) doing C25K. My goal is to get my running speed more consistent through out the whole 5k. My next one ( 5K) is in Aug I want to be able to RUN the whole 5k no walking.
                                                  HAPPY MONDAY!!!!


  1. Isn't MFP so nice to have on hand?!? I love it! If you need some protein suggestions let me know. I have been trying to get my protein counts up too!! Good luck with the run group!! Is it the same one that Hollee was a part of?

    1. Thanks girl. Yea it is the group Hollee runs with.. It was great last night. I cant wait to get further into :)