Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A little shopping

Friday night I was husband-less and kid-less ( she was at a sleep over) so me and my mom got together for dinner and some shopping... I was in desperate need for some new bras. Ive lost WAY too many inches to have been trying to rig my old bras to work. Also found me a new outfit for work. Thankfully I work in a pretty laid back place and Ive been able to conceal the fact Ive been wearing yoga pants to work every day since surgery by wearing a nice shirt with them. Anything with a real waist that is not stretchy still bothers me for long period.. I mean I can run to the store in a pair of jean, maybe an hour, but anything longer than that and I am uncomfortable and the pants aren't tight the waist band is just not soft and stretchy.. Any hoo... I ended up with a new pair of capris (stretchy waist...lol) guess what size they are.. nothing ending in a W.... not even an XL... just a L... awesome huh and a cute tank to go with them also size L.. so proud of myself :)

So after a great shopping weekend, this week I am having to remind myself of the above pic...
It is so stressful while hubby is gone, I am pretty much living on shakes bc I am a crappy cook... I mean I can cook any boxed dinner in the grocery store or frozen dinner but those aren't good for you and not how I am used to eating Matt cooks everything from scratch but I don't know how to do that... the 2 times Ive attempted to cook since he has left has gone dreadfully wrong so I am not going to attempt again. ..Then I am washing dishes this morning and my daughter comes in flustered...One of the chickens died last night ( part of farm life true but Matt takes care of that not her) so here we go, her in her school clothes, me in my work clothes, to dig a whole hopefully deep enough no neighborhood dogs will dig it up...while we are doing that our little dog ,who wants to eat all chickens broke his lead and decided to "excersie" all the birds by chasing them all over the yard .... One of those days you just want to sit down and say REALY!!!! But going to think happy thoughts and get over it only 12 more days after today :)                                                                                         

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  1. congrats on the new size :D I am crap at eating right when my bf is away, but I am getting there.