Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday Wk 12

Today's weigh in 213.6 down 2.5Lb since last week and 59.4 Lbs all together... so close to 60 I can almost touch it :)
I have running group again tonight super excited about that.
And this weekend we will be making the 5 hour drive to see my MIL.. she does not know about my WLS and has not seen me since well before hand, this should be interesting :) She knows I've lost a little weight, as she has seen some pics on FB and has noticed, but has no idea how much and the only full body pic Ive posted on FB recently was from the Color Vibe and that was not a great pic my T shirt was too big ( mental note to self you are not as big as your brain thinks you are order a size smaller than your initial choice next time lol )and frumpy looking and I was all sweaty. So I cant wait till she see's me in real clothes, not looking like a hot mess!
Enough for now have a Wonder Wednesday!

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