Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday week 10

I cant believe its been 10 wks since I had surgery. I am still learning everyday.
Also cant believe how hard that last 3 wks have been and how much my WL has slowed down. This week I weigh in at 221.1 that is a 1.3 Lb loss since last Wed and  I know that is a loss BUT....( I know 1.3 is not bad just not what I am used to)
Anyways I have been eating like crap, not bad food, or too much food
 or anything, but just way not enough calories, everyday for now 2 1/2 wks and I guess its catching up with me add that to the fact my body is used to being in the gym 1 1/2 hrs every afternoon and its just not a good combo for me...But I will take my 1.3 Lb loss it brings my total to 51.9.... no way I will hit my goal of 217 by time he gets home but at least I tried and I did loose while he was gone no gains.

Next time he leaves for a long stretch we will have a better plan.. I will have him freeze some meals prior or have someone lined up to help with the cooking since its become quite obvious that is just NOT my thing 5 dinners so far and only 2 have been eatin by the PEOPLE in the house... but the dogs are loving it.... trying again today will see.... I mean to be fair to me I can reheat a frozen dinner or make a packaged dinner like a champ but that stuff is not good for you and even before WLS I could not handle the sodium that came with that kind of food. But anyways we all have our weakness's and um this is mine.

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  1. You are doing GREAT Christy! I hit my 50 pound mark at 10 weeks also.