Friday, May 31, 2013

Yesterday! Scary Day

Yesterday I was about as scared as I have ever been in my life. I can remember only one other time being more scared and that had to do with a injury my daughter received by a neighbors dog.  Yesterday started like any other day I got up, dropped of "K" at school, came to work. Was first one in so unlocked and got lights on, about 10 min later picked on the guy who normally beats me in every morning for being"late" ( even though he wasn't) since I beat him in ... with in 15 min though my world was rocked and I was going through something I had never been through in my life....I started feeling really just not well dizzy and unbalanced to the point I called my mom ( 8:23 am ) said at 2 can you leave and pick up "K " from school. If I still feel like this I wont be able to drive but I am going to drive to suck it up and stay here, I do however just sit on my tail all day .... by 8:30 I was calling her saying pls come get me and take me to the ER... ( remember Hubby is gone so he is not available to come help) I could not see the key pad on the phone in front of me to dial. I could not walk with out falling, I was vomiting in the trash can by my desk bc I could not walk to get to the bathroom ( I tried the anti nausea pill the surgeon gave me, it hit to fast tho did nt have time to work) was sweating like a crazy person, was not  slurring my speech but was finding it very hard to answer questions. I honestly thought I was dying it was crazy ... Mom (nurse of 35 yrs) checked my BP when she got here to pick me up to make sure it had not dipped to low, ( losing LBS and still being on my meds.. bp has been coming down by not too far YET) but that was not the case so she said well your granny suffered from Vertigo and since its not your BP if I have to guess that's what they are going to tell you.... Also my mom gets it about once a yr and my aunt 3-4 times a yr... AND Mothers knows best that's exactly what the ER Doc said....I told the Doc I was fine one second and the next I thought I was dying so fast, he said honestly that is normal for the first time but gave me med while I was there and wrote me an RX told me next time I wont be scared bc I will have the med to stop it and KNOW what the heck is going on.... VERY True if I had know yesterday I would not have been near as scared...Hubby on the other hand is still worried I cant seem to get through to him that I am fine..may try to skype with him this weekend so he can SEE me so he can see for himself  am fine. He was txting mom the whole time we were in the ER checking on me... so sweet:)
I told him something HUGE happens every time he leaves one time the laundry room floor caved in, one time I wrecked both cars ( in our drive at same one time our little dog got attacked by a HUGE neighbor dog in our yard... At least this time its was just me and I have med now and there is not floor the replace when he gets home

Oh yea when I told my Boss I needed to leave I was sick.. he could see I was very sick he said it was bc I was loosing too much weight to fast... I guess he has been worrying about me and not saying anything... He does not know about my WLS.. I told him I didnt think that was the case I was under Dr supervision for that. Was the only thing I could think of to say to ease his mind with out spilling it to him and I just don't want to share that with my bosses... BUT I am going to count that as a NSV and as someone who does not know about the band has noticed my gotta take em where you get


  1. I had that several years ago and it is so scary. I couldn't drive for about 2 weeks. I was early in pregnancy and couldn't take a thing for it.
    hope you are feeling better

    1. WOW Allison I bet you were scared... Total freaked be out too... Glad its over now and I got meds I can take if it happens again..