Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bad Weather Tuesday

So here in NC winter weather. IS anything that falls from the sky when its cold outside. So in my area we are due to get 1-2 inches of winter mix. OK I know you all that get bad weather regularly might think that's cute but I am so not looking forward to it. No one here knows how to drive in winter weather and the DOT is not ever prepared to deal with the roads and it makes for a HUGE mess. Several years ago we got a 1/4 in of  ice..yes  you read that right ONE QUARTER OF AN INCH. People ended up sleeping at work, buses couldn't get kids home and they were taken back to school to sleep. How does these sort of things happen. So the thought that our "bad" weather is going to start about an hour before everyone gets off work has me a bit frazzled. I only live 12 min drive from work so I am hoping all is well on my way home and I don't get near any crazies. Tomorrows high is supposed to be 29 so what ever we gets not going anywhere tomorrow either. I honestly sat here and thought... Can I run to work in the am... PS the answer I came up with is no.. that's too cold and Id be terrified one of those bad drivers would hit ice and end up hitting me on the side of the road. So no I wont run to work either. But my boss is always one to say we have to come in regardless so I may walk to the end of my road and make him pick me up ( he lives about 2 miles from me) I mean I pay for my car but he has a company car.. I think that's fair don't you.
I am also sitting here trying to will myself into my running clothes so I get one last outside run in before the storm hits... I have to tell you my motivation is not here today. Its cold and I'm sore from last nights weight training session. But I will do it. I am not going to let my excuses ruin what I have worked hard for. I'm an all or nothing person, if I skip a work out Ill skip two then a week..its an ugly cycle but I acknowledge that about myself.
I hope you all that is expecting ugly weather in your areas stay safe :)


  1. I'm not excited about this weather either... be careful!

  2. Stay WARM!
    Here in Indiana I feel like it snows at least once a week! I am so stinkin tired of the cold and the winter! I am ready to be warm again!

    1. me too. I used to not mind the cold. I was hot all the time anyways. Now I am cold all the time so I am hoping for warm sunny days soon :)