Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Review

I hate the feeling of boy I'm glad that weekend is over and I can go back to work Monday. And I rarely ever feel that way BUT today happens to be one of those. Saturdays weather was depressing to me and I ended up being a slug most of the day. This always makes me feel like CRAP about myself. But Sunday I got up and was going to have a much better day. My daughter had her first ever Track Meet  about 2.5 hours from home and it was going to be just us. So we set off to the facility. It was an indoor track and we had done some homework before we left home. Like we knew where to park and that we had to be signed in an hour before her start time and bathrooms down stair were for everyone but upstairs were just for athletes..etc. I mean I dont like to stand out as the one that doesnt know whats going on, I like to be prepared.
Well when I signed Mikaela in the lady at the counter rolled her eyes and huffed at me.. OK that was a little rude but everyone has a bad day and not worth me saying anything about. Then when it was time for K to do the shot put, I walked her across to the field area. WELL evidently I was not allowed to be there. There was no signs posted and it was not listed anywhere online. These 2 officials came up to me and started screaming at me.. No hey you aren't supposed to be here or even hey dumb A$$ get back over there.. IN MY FACE ON THEIR TOES LEANING INTO IT SCREAMING.. both at the same time I could not understand why they were yelling, what I had done, or how to correct.. I asked one man to please calm down and he threatened to call security and kick our team out... what in the world.. They did the same thing to our coach. Again he could not understand a word they were saying. SOMEHOW. I kept my calm I have no idea how bc once I got back in the right area I got pissed and wanted to go punch them in the face I mean how do you keep a job treating other people ( PEOPLE THAT PAY TO USE THE FACILITY) that way. I am still very upset about the whole ordeal I mean I am going to email the owner of the complex but I know he wont give a shit bc obviously this is an attitudes that come from the top down for so many employees to behave in such a manor. And that pisses me off more. ( please excuse the not nice words)
She has one more track meet there but I am really considering telling the athletic director at the school we wont be able to attend it.
I am NOT a thin skinned female. I work with all men all day long and on top of that collect money for a living. I could care less if people like me or not, its just my personality and it makes me good at my job. I am never rude to people regardless of far they are behind or how much money they owe us. Rude doesn't get you anywhere. So I just cant imagine why a business would think it is ok to treat people the way we were treated yesterday. I mean I could total understand why someone that is a hot head would loose their shit on someone if they had told them over and over they were in the wrong area. But the first time and with NO Signs posted. I am really just at a loss.
Oh well I will be moving on now. On to a more positive day.


  1. Ugh...people can get ridiculous. And it is hard to keep your cool. I hope your week is better. :(

    1. Thanks girl. got a lunch time run in, so its already looking up. So nice to be able to turn some tunes on and zone out for an hour just me , my legs and nature. Does a girls heart good :)

  2. yikes, hope it didnt ruin her day. I think you should totally send him that email.

  3. Yuck! I can't stand people like that. There is no reason to ever act like that!