Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year & 2014 Goals

I hope everyone had a great holiday. New Years Eve was low key and I loved it. We travel so much over the holidays its nice to have one that we just don't do much. Mikaela had some girl friends over which is always nice for her, they are now at the age they don't need to much from me at a sleep over. Me and Hubby just watched TV and hung out. New Years day I had a run. First race of the season. WOW is all I can say about it. It was a fun run style, so a bunch of people show up and we get the course written out on paper and take off, no streets closed or anything. So there was a 3 mile , a 4 mile and 2 5 mile courses. I choose the 5 mile greenway path , for ONE reason. I am not familiar with Raleigh and I wanted the path with the LEAST turns. For directionally challenged individuals like myself, simple is better... I did fine the first 2 miles then I turned the wrong way and I didn't figure out I was going the wrong way for another 2 miles... at that point I just turned around and ran back the way I came. Ended up with a 8 mile run instead of 5. Oh well I prefer 8-10 mile runs anyway. But still feeling as if I was lost in a town I am not comfortable in was a little nerve racking.

I have spent some time over the last week coming  up with a list of goals for 2014. Some are for the family, personal grown,and  financial. But I have a set that are WL, Diet, and Exercise related and I wanted to share those.

1. I will (  no wants, I will) hit my goal weight this year. Goal on high end is 153#, low end is 145#. Anywhere in between I will be happy. My Dr will be happy anything under 155#.
2. I will learn to maintain once I get to goal. I am terrified of maintenance as this is were I've always had problems in the past. So I will learn balance once I get there.
3. I will stay with the high protein/low carb lifestyle as it works best for me and my body. I tried carb cycling back in the fall and it was not a good fit for me.. allowing myself  2 days a wk for high carbs was a slipper sloop for me, I am too much a all or nothing kind of gal.
 4. Running goal -  run 1,200 or more miles in 2014.
5. Also Running related.. Run a full marathon 4/13/14 ( 10 days after my band-a-versary my way of celebrating) and I want to run it in under 4 hours 50 min... ( I ran my half in 2 hr 45 min so that would be picking up my pace a bit)
6. Add and be consistent with gym classes Yoga ( would be new for me) Core ( started just a few weeks ago) etc. Attend at least 2 classes a week.
7. Start training for a Ultra Marathon ( to be run Nov 2014)

So those are some of my goals. I am excited to start this year. And thinking back to last year this time. I have hope that I CAN meet my goals.


  1. You can totally do it. You should have seen my wide eyes at your run 1200 or more miles. Holy moly lady. Just run over here to TN and I'll drive you back. ;)

    1. LOL. I know right it sounds huge but it actually works out to be less that 25 miles a week.. I right now I am averaging 26 and will just go up from there preparing for my races this year... One of my GF's has me thinking I didnt set it high enough, lol