Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Member Spotlight and Fill Apt today

My gym choose me to be featured in their member spotlight. How cool is that? I am so honored they choose me. And its great motivation to keep at it.

On another note, I go back to the surgeons office today. I am torn at weather to ask for another fill or not. I am hungry and loosing is taking EXTREME focus and concentration on my part right now. But b/c I am more or less focused  I am for the most part still loosing, well not for the last couple weeks. Plus I am only 9 Lbs above my PCP goal for me 15-20 above my goal. AND as I train for my full marathon then start training for an Ultra, I need to be able to hydrate well and eat literally on the run. Right now I am able to eat  protein bar as I run with out having to stop to make sure I can swallow it ( I still don't take stupid huge bites or anything and I eat it over the course of about 2 miles) and I can guzzle a bottle of water or Gatorade in about 3 min when I get back to the car from a run, no sipping here. I feel for my training I am at a good spot but for WL I am struggling to keep focus. I mean when I go and burn 1000 calories I am literally starving and feel the need to eat the side of the house by time I get home. Hubby is trying to make sure dinner is ready when I walk through the door to help with this, but if not it tends to be ugly, decent choices but still ugly.
Maybe I will ask for a small fill like.2- .5 cc.. the last 2 were BIG, 2cc and 2.5cc, and I know I dont want anything that big. Just enough to take the edge off and feel like I have a little more control. That is the point of having the band right?
I am hoping if I explain my feelings to the PA maybe she can help with the dession some. The origial PA I saw several times right after surgury was great and I felt like was listening to me when I talked. This new one, I have not gotten that feeling from but Ive only seen her once so maybe she was just having an off day. We all have those.


  1. Awesome! Congrats on the spotlight...that really is inspiring! I hope your PA has a good answer for your next appt!

  2. Ummmm...damn skippy!! They should feature you EVERY month. I literally don't know anyone who is more dedicated than you. This is AWESOME!! :)