Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year and New Excitment

Well one of my many 2014 goals was to take at least 2 gym classes a week. I made that this week. I took Zumba Wednesday night and took Core Class last night.
Also as I was leaving Wednesday Night I ran in to one of the girls from the running group I was in back in the summer. It was awesome to catch up. She just joined my gym Wed and was SUPER EXCITED. I invited her to Core and she showed up and loved it. After Core class the same instructor teaches an hour long class called sports conditioning. It has always scared me(but honestly all classes scare me) but we stood in the hall and watched and said we would both do core and stay for sports conditioning afterwards next week. So next Friday I may not be able to walk. Just some of what I watched them do last night, jump rope, burpees, push ups, free weights, squats, run the stairs ( like real stairs, I take the mountain climbers and tons more. We are also going to take spin on Monday night( for those counting that is 3 on the books for nxt week not 2:) ). So I am hoping btwn the 3 class I will get some balance to my cross training and get a better all over workout.
So excited to see where I go this year with my fitness.

PS I so bad want to do the Disney Doopy challange, not this year ( bc its this weekend) but maybe next. It looks like a BLAST.

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  1. What is Disney doopy? it....looked it up...Disney dopey marathon. Very cool!