Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #40 and Fill Update

Good Wednesday Morning!
Finally the scale moved a little this morning.
Starting weight 273
Current weight 164.2
Total Loss  108.8

Yesterday I saw yet another PA at my surgeons office ( this makes the third) I like her. She sat down and talked with me. Wanted to know all about my running and how I learned and when my marathon was. We discussed my hunger every two hours and the fact I need to still be loose enough I can down a bottle of water to re-hydrate. We settled on a teeny fill, one basically/hopefully to take the edge off the hunger so its not hitting me in every 2 hours. She is one of those that doesn't like to share the fill amount so I don't know how teeny it was, but that's ok. She also told me as an athlete I was probably about there with my WL. Said I need to go by size not scale anymore. I told her the PCP wants be below 155, but she pushed on my thigh and said yea but this is all muscle, what size pants do you have on. I told her 6 , and that normally I'm in 6-8 right now. PS no ones called me an athlete since High
So right now I am sticking with my current goal, I can see areas that I still can afford to loose in. But will keep her advise in the back of my mind. I know this last 10-15 may be hard and slower to come off but that's still my aim. I am happy regardless though.


  1. Its so strange how different our providers are. Mine throws a fit if I can't tell him exactly how many cc's are in my band. States its my JOB to take care of me and know whats happened to my body....I'm glad you went with a small fill. Hopefully it helps with those last few stubborn pounds and still lets you do your marathon.

    1. thanks girl. So far so good.. no WL yet but still able to drink which was my BIG concern. I cant sip and keep hydrated on a long run.