Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cardiologist Apt # 1

This morning I got up and drove almost an hour to the cardiologist my surgeon had sent me to, Only to be told that the surgeons office did not send over the approval code from the insurance company. Cardio Office said that is never their job that the referring Dr Office is always supposed to do that and I would have to come back another time...
WHAT???? So I missed 2 hours of work for an appt I did not get to have . So I rescheduled for Monday and they told me to make sure I call the surgeons office and have them send over the approval code.

So when I got to the car I left a very passionate voice mail for the manager of the insurance dept at the Surgeons office. Who called me right back, said ( of course) it was the Cardio's responsibility to get the approval code....She was very upset they turned me away said even if they thought it was the surgeons office responsibility she still could have done it herself since I was there... They told me to cancel my Monday appt and they are sending me to someone ....So the below pic is a reminder to myself today.... I am too Blessed to be Stressed...
And it is so True! Big deep breath, its in the Lords hands and it will all work itself out.

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