Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So I have my appt made for the Cardiologist. Its next Thursday at 9:15.  The lady who scheduled the appt realy could not tell me anything about my apt. I asked can I eat before I come in she said I dont know, Maybe if they decide to do a stress test on you, if you can run on the treadmill you can eat a small breakfast but if you cant run on the treadmill you have to be fasting. Can you run on the treadmill??? WELLLLLLL you see what had happen was.....
my knee kills me all the time I dont know if I can run on an treadmill plus. I have a really bad track record with treadmills I do much better on elliptical where  your feet are firmly planted... I have face-planted on a treadmill twice so I typical steer clear of them. I did ask her how long would I have to run , she could not even answer that question...
SO I am going to show up fasting dressed for work, in work shoes and if they decide to do a stress test will have to do the non treadmill kind..

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