Monday, February 11, 2013

This not Drinking with meals "Thing"

OK so we decide ( myself and the dietitian ) that since the not drinking with meals would be the hardest for me, I should go on and "practice". SO here I am today... First I stopped drinking 20 min before lunch.... I know I was supposed to wait 30 But I was hungry and when I am hungry and cant eat yet I normal guzzle some water. BUT since I cant do that decide 20 min was a good start... DID NOT drink anything with lunch, but now I am watching the clock for when I can break open the water bottle.... I am so thirsty... Maybe its all in my head, I am sure it will get better.
I literally drink water ALL DAY LONG to get my 100 oz in , and that 100 oz of plain water, that does not include the protein shakes or the about 32 oz of crystal light I drink once I make it home for the day.... Oh well practice makes perfect right... work on it now it wont be as hard after surgery :)

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