Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sleep lab visit

As far as sleep labs go. The one I went to was nice. My hubby had been to one run by the VA and it was very clinical, this one not so much... well except for the zillion cords hanging from my body when I tried to sleep... I arrived at 745 for my 8 o' clock appt and was buzzed right in... I was asleep by 930:-)...
First thing they did was put me in my room, it was set up like a small hotel room w a bathroom and TV w satellite. .. I watched 2 videos on sleep apnea and CPAP machines, then went down the hall for weight in and blood pressure check as well as some last minute paperwork. After that I was back in my room putting on my PJs and shortly after that the tech was in hooking me up, he explained each cord and what it was looking for during the night. Once I got in bed we did a physical test to make sure everything was connected properly. The tech came over the intercom and had me move my legs and my eyes... etc...then off to sleep. .. I was restless even for me, I dont normally disturb myself but last night I did. However if they noticed sleep apnea in first 2 hrs they would have woke me up and put me on the Cpap machine. They didnt so I have to wait for results of the rest of the night,  should take 7 to 10 days... they woke me up at 5 am sharp and I was in my car at 530 and that was even taking a shower!.. all in all a easy process. I wrote this bc I was very nervous going in and maybe this will help someone else know what to expect when they have to have a sleep study done.

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