Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why I Choose Lapband

So I know I have some family and friends that read this as well as some new WLS buddies, So I thought I would layout the different WLS options and why I choose Lapband.

First there is an option called the Sleeve

with this surgery the surgeon removes half of the stomach. Patient would eat about the same amount of food as a Lapband patient,  focusing on protein and veggies.  No need for adjustments (or fills) though.

 Second is Gastric Bypass

With this the surgeon makes a small stomach using the top part of your stomach  and also by passes part of your intestines. 
With this surgery your body goes through about a year of whats called the "dumping syndrome" where if you eat something you are not supposed to you will physically get sick, fever, chills, nauseous, headache etc.... ( this side effect only last about a year so if you dont learn from your mistakes and correct your habits you will be able to eat like the old days eventually) BUT an upside you dont have to be adjusted every 4-6 wks to hit your "sweet spot" like with the band.

3rdly Lapband

With this surgery nothing is cut or removed. A band is placed at the top of the stomach creating a small pouch. This helps a patient feel full quicker and longer. The lapband is adjustable through the port that is placed just under the skin( filled with saline). Also Lapband is removeable.

Ok so that was a little nugget about ea of the  WLS options so here is why I choose Lapband.
1.  non-evasive surgery ... I dont want parts of me removed :) Im a wimp
2. Same Day surgery
3. I like the fact that the band is adjustable and removable.
4. recovery time is short, some go back to work next day. Even though I just have a desk job I will have a couple days off so I can get used to the limited calories (being on liquids only first 2wks).
5. Sleeve is not available on my insurance plan, even if I wanted to go that route ( makes that easy)
6. I have done I lot of praying, research and talking with medical professional and I just feel this is the right fit for me

Everyone is different and there is Pros and Cons to all of the above. And my list of why's could go on and on. It just comes down to doing some research and talking with your Dr.


  1. you reasons for chosing the band are very simular to mine. I felt it was the least invasive and I have a child so I did not want to take too big of a chance. I am looking forward to see how it goes, hope you get a surgery date in March


  2. HI bandedicegirl thanks for following.. I have a child also. I am confident in my dession just ready to get it done now :) I read your blog your success is wonderful, I will keep following along !