Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day of Tests

I had my BIG day at the hospital today... got there for my 9 o'clock at 8:45... was walking out the door at 11... so not terrible considering all I had to have done. I thought I would walk you through everything I had done today so you would know what to expect if  you are looking into to similar procedure. After registration I went to radiology and Labs.
1st Lab called me back first, I was taken into a small room with a recliner and a TV they drew some blood then hooked me up to the EKG machine.... Hooking me up took longer than it did for the EKG to get its reading... then I was done in there and back in the waiting room.
2 nd .  was the ultra sounds..... with a "S" I thought this would be a quick little process bc it was listed as gallbladder ultrasound. But in reality it took about 20 min she looked at the stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and kidneys.... Next time I would have stuck a clean shirt in my bag bc even though they took steps to protect my shirt I still ended up with goo on my shirt and I went straight to work from there, but it will be ok.. from there they took me to a dressing room where I put a gown on... oh yes an oh so fashionable hospital gown,  :) undress from waist up... and wait for x ray tech to get me.
3 rd.... Xray started with Chest xray done real fast, done by 10... well then it was time for the barium swallow upper GI and for this we had to wait for a radiologist who was not free, so I sat for 30 min... by the way when they say show up for this thing fasting that means NOT EVEN WATER....this was not explained to me well so I had had about 8 oz of water... no biggie but it was seen on the Upper GI .... the barium was NASTY the first cup was about 16 oz of really think chalky like stuff... like ground up slightly moist tums, was drank standing up.... second cup was drank through a straw, laying down, was thinner but tasted way worse same chalkiness but the flavor was strong like they were trying to over compensate for the consistency with a faux citrus.
After I made it through that I was back to the dressing room to get out of the gown and back in my work shirt. The tech had a cup of water and a wash cloth for me also since i manager to get barium all over the side of my face... and she walked me out...
With the exception of the fact my tummy still wants to puke of the chalk i swallowed a pretty painless adventure. All the techs said the Dr would have the results by end of the day today. YAY!
I am down to sleep study tomorrow night and nutritionist on Thursday!!!!

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