Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mini Fridge

Well hubby delivered my mini fridge to my office today... this will help me get my afternoon snack in since that is my busy time of the day. Plus after surgery I will be on liquids and have nt told anyone here about my surgery so I realy dont want to put all my protein shakes/soup in the main kitchen... I just want my privacy through this.
On another note I have had to take a big deep breath today bc I am very frusterated w the paperwork side of the process right now. I emailed my case mgr yesterday bc I still had not been called to schedule my cardio apt ( friday I was told they would call me monday morning)  I also asked just to verify that she had gotten what she needed from my family Dr and Shrink... she gave me a number to call for the cardio but said she had not received anything from the Dr and Shrink. .. ( she has to have this before she can get approval from the insurance co) I called the Drs office and they never rcvd her request form so I asked her to resend it to them ... why she did not follow up I dont know. Then I called the shrink got her voice mail.. today the shrink calls me from the HOSPITAL. .. she had surgery and when released will be going into rehab for 2 wks.. she said she sent the case mngr the eval last week and she has no way to resend it for weeks they will have to find it......grrrrrrr....Big Deep Breath it will be ok

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