Friday, February 8, 2013

Waiting Game and Notes from the Nutrionist

So I am now in the waiting game part of my journey. I have gone to all my pre-op visit
Attended the WLS Seminar
Meet with Family Dr
Meet with Surgeon
Meet with Psych Dr twice
went to Hospital for... xrays, ultra sounds, labs, ekg, upper gi
Meet with the Nutritionist
and Had a Sleep Study ( they called me yesterday, All is well no Apnea)
Now I am waiting on the insurance to approve the surgery. My Case Mgr assured me no one that qualifies is normally denied but they have to wait for approval to proceed and that could take as many as 14 days so I wait.
I meet the Nutritionist yesterday, SUPER NICE and a wealth of info that I had not read anywhere or thought of myself.
He was impressed that I had already started making changes to my diet even before meeting with him ( basically by sub-ing Unjury Shake for a meal once a day, and already having small forks and plates/bowls purchased)
We discussed the fact I am HUNGARY from like 3 pm on... and he suggested me bringing a snack and setting a reminder on my phone to eat it at 3 so when I get home at 5 I don't feel the need to eat the house :)
He also gave me the info for the Liver Reduction Diet that I will be starting now.
We discussed how much I drink at dinner and I told him that was the only thing that really scares me is breaking the habit of drinking about 32 oz of water/crystal light with my dinner ea night... He suggested filing my cup with crushed ice that way if I get choked or need a little something I can have it. And we decided I would start that now since that is probably going to be the hardest thing for me to break.
We also discussed the first 3-4 wks after surgery diet in depth, I will see him again 4 wks after surgery and he will teach a group of us at that time how to ea from wk 4-8 then 8 wk on...
He also suggested that i find another brand of shakes that I like as well as the Unjury b/c I will be on all liquids for a total of 4 wks, 2 wks prior and 2 wks post and he said one kind will just get boring... DUH why is it the simple things I dont think of :) on the main floor of the office bldg he is in there is a store that you can buy such items so I went to see what I could find. I picked up some soup 15 Gr Protien :) and some Chike Pro Powder 25 gr. Also grabbed a box of protien bars for that snack I am supposed to be having now... they are nasty so will remain nameless :) I will finish the box but wont get them again..My plan is to try the soup and the protein pwdr and make sure I like them over the next wk or so and if so go on and pick up some more on my last pre-op with the Dr. I dont want to have to driver 45 min(one way)  just for food after surgery, so I need to make sure I have enough at home to last me till my first post op appt.
Well thats about if for now. Will know more once I get the OK from insurance.

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