Wednesday, May 15, 2013

6 wk out. .weigh in and fill appt

Today I am 6 wks post op.. as of this morning I am down a total of 40.6#s...that is 14 pre op 27.4 post op and 4.8 since last Wednesday!
I am scheduled for a years worth of fill appts right now, this is standard at my dr office, these apt were scheduled the day surgery was scheduled.  However since I was banded w Plication they don't normally start doing fills till the WL starts slowing or we can no longer wait 3-4 hr btwn meals. So the appt end up being more like check ups. So yesterday I went for my first scheduled fill appt.. PA  felt like I didn't need a fill at this time. But he checked me out and I am doing fine. We discussed my protein intake...averaging about 80 gr... he said that's perfect he said can be anywhere btwn 80-100... same w calories I told him I am typically about 850 he said that's fine, 800-1000 is perfect... we also discussed my workout schedule,  I told him how much cardio I was doing and confessed I hate strength training so I just don't do he said well you found what you do like and you are doing that so that's what matters..
This pic is from today....not a great pic.. no makeup on, I was squinting in the sun, BUT its me, 6wks out!