Monday, May 13, 2013

Worked my Butt off

So  hubby is coming up on his 3 wk AT with Army which will leave me and our daughter home alone with all the chores while he is gone. So I demanded he teach me to mow the lawn.... we have 3 acres ( LOL) ... and a PUSH MOWER... my step dad used to mow for me at our old house but we only had just over a 1/2 acre so I just don't feel right asking him to come cut the BIG OL yard now.... Have hired someone to come in for an hour a day and help with some of the chicken chores while he is gone... Anyways back to the grass so Saturday I set off the mow the yard by myself. I want you to know my legs are still throbbing ( I probably should have skipped the gym that morning since I knew I was going to mow when I got home ) I pushed and pushed and pushed that mower for over 3 hours and only ended up about 2/3s of the way done... I final just left it, in true Christy Fashion, in the middle of the front yard and said I give up I cant go any further... I am really bummed I could not get it all done but Hubby was more than thrilled I got as much done as I did..he mowed for about an hour Sunday and it was done... and guess what its grass so it grows right back so next weekend I will get to try to mow the whole yard again (  might split the yard in half though half Sat and Half Sunday :) ) this time with sunscreen on tho, I look like a tomato today.

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  1. I wonder how many calories that burns? Probably a lot. Just found your blog. Look forward to reading. Check me out