Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Get a Grip

I have got to get a grip... this week I am all over the board, and I know why. My hubby is in the military and on Monday will be leaving for 3 weeks. So for 3 weeks I will be lonely, my BFF will not be at home for me to chat with, and I will not have immediate access through text message, I will have to wait on him to have time to get back with me plus, I will be pulling double duty on chores etc and the whole schedule I have worked so hard to create will come crashing down around me ( yes it could be so much worse I know he has 20 yrs in service and we have been through deployment but still). Not to mention he will miss another anniversary and fathers day during this time (our family is growing used to this we just celebrate later)
So my normal weekday schedule is get up take K to school go to work, get off go straight to gym for 1 1/2 hrs come home eat dinner ( prepared by hubby I am spoiled  :) ) sit outside with hubby for 30 min to an hour chatting, feeding our chickens who are greedy and if I am not fast enough will hop in my lap for the bread... come in do some chores and go to bed ( this is every day its just what I do and it works).... WEEKENDS are horrible for the fact I have no routine all that is the same is I that get up  ( normally first in the house) and go to the gym for about 2 hours ( since its nice and quite there on the weekend) I come home and stay busy with yard chores and  chicken chores and activity's with K.. almost every weekend I forget to eat at least one of the days which by the end of the day leaves me feeling VERY VERY bad... after my visit the the PA last week he suggested since being out of my routine was such an issue and I DO need my protein to do shakes on the weekend at least during the day till I can take time for dinner at night ( I tried this last weekend and it helped and I was able to keep my protein count up)
I said all that to say I need my routine and my schedule even the weekends mess me up, So I know I am fretting over my routine being off for 3 wks, I have worked so hard to change and develop new, good, healthy habits and shaking things up for so long scares the tar out of me..
.While he is gone to keep the grass in check my plan is to mow an hour every night ( to replace my gym time) 5-6 hrs on the weekend just is too much Ive done it two weekends in a row now and it just kicks my tail... planning to add may some Just Dance ( Wii game) with K a couple nights a wk too ,while he is gone, after dinner. Hopefully these two will help with the fact I wont be getting my cardio in.  And of course will squeeze all the other chores in there too :) I can do this I just got to get over my head.. which this week is getting the best of me... of well. Weigh In is tomorrow and New Measurements are coming this weekend :) Oh and I am trying to come up with an attainable goal for the time he is gone and will be announcing that this weekend too. So lots of good stuff coming in the next few days... much deserved too after you read that whiny rant :)


  1. It's just that kind of week. I had my whiny rant yesterday. We all go through it sometimes. You'll get through it. 3 weeks will not un-do a lifetime decision you've made, think of it that way :)

  2. Thanks for the Pep talk Hollee! :) and you are so very right this is a lifetime decision and it wont be undone by 3 wks ...

  3. I love reading your blog and just wanted to say hang in there and keep on keepin on!! I cant wait to hear about your weigh in and measurements.