Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Weigh In

Here I am 5 wks out. Feeling WONDERFUL!!! Since last Monday when I posted my lost early for the wk I am down 5.4 LBS HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT! So total since surgery 22.6 LBs, total pre/post op 35.8 Lbs. Next Tues is my 6 wk ck up and fill apt.. I am thinking I wont need that fill but I am looking foward to the appt and seeing my band under floro.
Also wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Gov Chris Christie..regardless of your political views. He came out of the WLS closet and not just to family and friends in front of the world and that takes a lot of guts and courage, as most of us WLS patients know.
Heck most of my family does not even know, I have only told those that I felt like I could trust not to talk about me behind my back, ones that I felt like if they had questions or comments would have enough courtesy to come talk TO me  rather than ABOUT me! There is a difference you know! Maybe one day I will be brave to shout it from the mountain tops and tell the world and not care what anyone says about me but right now I am private. I feel like there is so much mis-education regarding surgery. For instance this is SO NOT A MAGIC BULLET or the WEAK mans way out. I hit the gym hard and do 60-90 min of cardio 7 days a wk I earned that 5 LB loose last week, I worked/sweated hard for it. Also just like if you take an alcoholic to rehab that is NOT ready to make the changes themselves to get better, surgery is the same, as a heavy person, if you are not ready to face your issues head on and correct them surgery is not going to do anything, it is just a TOOL. You aren't guaranteed a WL if you don't put effort in to it. And guess what IF you don't make any changes you probably wont loose any weight.

Anyways Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. You're a rockstar!

    It was a slow coming out process for me. It is something I keep from my social media like facebook, but all of my closest friends and family know now. Funny because I wasn't even going to tell my sisters, but ended up calling them the day before surgery after finding out my mom had spilled the beans to my grandmother!