Saturday, May 25, 2013

May Measurement Update

So this month these numbers are super exciting.. Last month I had only been banded about 3 weeks and only back in the gym about one wk when it was time to re-take my measurements so this month of course I was banded the whole time and I am in the gym every day ... Below are my actual measurements to side in ( ) the amount decreased since April 24 and the next set of ( ) over is the amount down since I started my journey with my first Dr apt in January ( very end of Jan)

Drum Roll Please........

Chest  46 " ( -1)   ( -6)
Waist  43.5" ( -2)   (-3.5)
Hips    48 1/4"   (-3.25)   (-7)
Thighs  26 1/4"  (-.75)   (1.75)
Calf's  19"   (-1)    (-1.75)
Biceps 14"  (-1.5)  (-2.75)
Wrist   6  1/4"  (-.50)  ( -.75)
Neck  17"    (-.50)   (-2)

That is 10.5 inches in ONE month and 25.5 inches since late January ... I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!

OK so I sat down to think about things that have been different this month  vs last ... bc there are some big changes there and in areas that there had just been small changes before... I up'd my Cardio time from 45-1 hr daily to 1.5 hour M-F and 2 hr on Sat and Sun... also I have started using the rowing machine and helping hubby mow the grass I believe both of these contributed to the big losses in my arms this month...

So I promised my goal for the next three weeks also... my goal WL for the time while hubby is gone with the military is 11 Lbs. I feel this is doable based on the point I am in my journey.. So this morning I am sitting at 228, eleven pound would put my goal as 217 by June 16 when he's back..


  1. AWESOME job!! 10.5 inches is HUGE!! I'm so proud of you! Thank you for inspiring me to get my butt back in gear! Keep up the great work you hottie!! You'l be at your goal wayyy before June 16th if you keep up this momentum! Way to go!