Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Monday

I heard on the radio this morning, if you list 10 things you are grateful for, it will turn your mood around to the positive. Although I am not in a funk, Mondays tend to be a ruff day so I thought I'd start the day/week of right! In no particular order.

1. My Husband ( always supportive, faithful and loving)
2. My Daughter ( honestly the apple of my eye love her so much)
3. My Home ( not all have homes)
4. My Job ( not that I'm happy hear but at least I have one, so many others don't)
5.  My Weight Loss thus far ( stay tuned to weigh in wed... its exciting this week wont spill it early like I did last wk though)
6. Supportive friends both old and new that support my journey
7. Loving Family
8. My Chickens ( some of the silliest creatures ever but they make me laugh daily)
9. The Lord that is teaching me daily, patience, determination, balance and so much more
10. Health Insurance ( sometimes taken for granted but many don't have it and it paid for my surgery almost in full, I paid out of pocket pre-op- now less than $500)

Every Day we have choices! Were are your choices going to lead you today???

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