Saturday, May 18, 2013

Roller coaster of a couple days

So we all know WLS does not solve the reasons,we are over weight. .the band is just a tool. Just like a treadmill , if I don't get on it it won't help w your fitness. .. so Thursday I was dealing w a lot of crap and emotionally it got the best of me. I not only skipped the gym Thursday night but I went over my calories for the day by about 400... w that said it was done w healthy, band size snacks but in my book, a big day of fails regardless... pre band emotional eating would have gone on for days and not been healthy so I am thankful for that.. but just like I would correct my child for not doing right yesterday was a day to correct and get back on track... liquids until dinner... check... gym an Hour & 45 min cardio ( u read that right)... check... and its 830 on Sat morning and I am back in here so I obviously didn't over do it... I say all that to say we are all human. BUT don't loose sight of the goal, if u have a slip up... just correct it.


  1. Hi! Hollee let me know you're from NC! I'm from Raleigh - got banded in dec 2011 at duke :) can't wait to follow you on your journey!

    1. Hey its nice to meet you! I am in Clayton was banded at Rex by Dr Enoch's! Hollee told me she had just figured out you were local like us. That is way cool, we will have to all get together some time :)

    2. Yes! We should! I'm running in the color vibe race! It's on my birthday:) so we'll definitely have to plan to meet there even if its just to say hi!

    3. Aaww that would be super and a great day for a bday... my lil sis' bday too

    4. Aaww that would be super and a great day for a bday... my lil sis' bday too