Friday, May 3, 2013

Back in the Saddle

I've played hooky from the gym the last 2 evenings. I hurt my knee Monday night, or maybe I should say I re-hurt it. Tues I was bound and determined it was not going to stop me and I went back did another hour of cardio on it. By time I got home it was swollen and red and hurt way worse than it did Monday night. SOOOOO I skipped Wed and Thur night. Just took it easy and iced it when I got home from work both evenings. So tonight I am headed back going to do 30-45 cardio then get in the pool. Hopefully that will help it.

For those of you that follow, that are band patients, what do you take for aches and pains OTC? My surgeon said he doesn't ever want me to take Nsaids again, so Advil, Motrin, Aleive... so as far as I know that leaves Tylenol  (or Excedrin but my Neurologist does not want me taking that it effects my migraines) which right now my body is kind of laughing at me for taking like " really you crazy lady you thought that was going to help" Plus that is not an anti-inflammatory so when my knee swole up it did nothing for that at all..
Just curious what yall take.. I have an apt w PCP in a wk and a half will ask him what he suggest too.

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