Friday, April 5, 2013

2 days post op and pics of incisions

Well 2 full days post op and I feel so much better than I expected.  I am however very sore in my stomach like if you go running and you use those muscles real good... I would not call it pain though.. but I am still getting tired very fast... all I was able to get done yesterday was a walk around the yard to feed the birds and out to the barn.
Today I took a shower first thing...completely wiped myself out... then after lunch went to work for about an hr.. and once we got home I gave my hubby a haircut. So I was able to get more done today but it came in waves bc I needed to rest btwn task..
I have done well the last 2 days getting my protein in, thanks to New Whey liquid protein ... 3 oz and 42 gram of protein so one of those a day and one protein shake and I had my 60 g of protein. ..
Oh and in another note since surgery day I am down 4 lbs woo hoo..I guess that's enough update for now.

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  1. Take it easy and don't overdo it...your body is still healing :) Glad to hear you haven't really had any pain :)