Monday, April 8, 2013

Big Day!

So today is a big day! I came back to work.. I have a very sedentary job. So even though I am not 100% yet I felt as long as I could make it there and to my chair I would be ok.
Everyday since surgery I have gotten stronger so I think I can make it :) I am however hungry for the first time since last Wednesday.. not terribly hungry but a little bit. Maybe that's b/c I have done more in the last 2 hours than I have been doing all day for the past few days... but I have all my yummy liquid meals here with me so that shouldn't be an issue.
Also I am down 11 LBS since last Wednesday, so if I was down 14 pre-op and 11 so far post op that is 25 LBS. That means I am 20 % of the way to my goal ( goal being to loose 125). Cool huh.??
My plan is to head back to the gym Wednesday after work... to do what I am not sure yet... Dr said treadmill is best right after surgery ( I hate the treadmill and it makes my back really ache) he said the Elliptical ( my favorite) would pull too much on my stomach. And I cant get the pool yet. So I am not sure what I will do, probably just walk on the treadmill  slowly like he suggested and when I get home sit with a heating pad on my back  :)

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