Sunday, April 21, 2013

What a difference a week makes

I am feeling so good this weekend. Mushie food and eating more regular have made all the difference in the way I feel. I am able "go" . And I've lost 1.5 lbs since Wed when I was able to start back on foods.. Also I started back in the gym Wednesday 40min cardio, then 45 Friday and 51 min today (Sunday)... I will start back daily tomorrow. Still can't get in the pool but within the next wk and a half I will be able to:-).  We also as a family went to see a Roller Durby match yesterday. much fun and I had no idea Raleigh had two Roller Derby Teams. Afterwards we ate dinner out for first time since surgery.  Well if u can call Waffle House dinner out, LOL. But it was a good choice for this stage of my post op diet , I was able to have 2 scrambled eggs. I have to tell you I was very scared to attempt to eat out, I didn't want to have any issues get stuck etc, so I am glad this was our first dinner out. No one was there,  post op band friendly food, I ate very small bites chewed the mess out of them, was the last one finished and had no issue! Yay me!
Overall I would say I feel 98% better only time I have any pain is when I bend wrong I have a little pain around my port. And pain may be wrong word uncomfort may be better.:-)


  1. Yay for mooshie foods, I only have discomfort round my port after exercise these days, my heart rate monitor tends to push on it a little and ab workout tends to make that site sore. I wanna see roller durby, heck I might even like being on a team if I was like half my size a girl can dream haha

    1. Lol its cute you said that... hubby told me I should try out ( half jokingly) .....I told him I had already looked into it...once I loose another 45 ( ill be in "one"derland then) I think I may try out;-)