Thursday, April 4, 2013

Surgery update!

I had my surgery yesterday.  I am so glad I only had a one day notice. I did not sleep much the night before which is to be expected.  We left home at 430 am got to the hospital at 5...surgury was scheduled for 715.. according to hubby Dr came out to talk to him about 945 to tell him how it went ( and gave him pics of the surgury. I thought that was nasty but hubby liked it). recovery didn't go as well, I had a hard time waking up and staying awake.. I was in recovery for about 5 hrs. I was released about 330 and home about 4
I have to admit I expected the pain to be much worse. Yesterday even when I got home I pretty much just slept, today I have walked around the yard, feed the birds , checked on the baby chickens in the barn..The nausea is pretty bad today even w the anti-nausea meds but it will be ok. I have 5 incisions I will take a pic and post in the next day or two again they are not as bad as I was expecting either....
I also included pics from 4 am before we left for the hospital and one in the preop room!

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  1. so great to hear things are good. It will only get better :)