Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Post Op Appt with Dr...updates

Ok so I am officially 2 wks out and today I feel great.... Still down 12 Lbs since surgery.
Last night I saw my surgeon for my post op appt. I spent most of the visit with the nurse, Dr was behind and I was last patient of the day so she had lots of time to spend with me. We discussed my fluid intake ( I got an awesome on that) protein intake ( awesome on that too) has been 60 grams a day now they want me 70-80 grams a day. However I have not been eating enough I should be, right now, eating every 2 hours ( not sure how but I missed that info) Ive been eating 3 times a day, and when I am just so hungry I cant take it any more I was eating some SF Jello. No wonder I was having issued with lightheadedness and being tired. I was give Ok to try to get my B Complex in gummy form since the chewable waffers were so nasty to me..Also I was given the OK to eat mushies!!!  YAYYYYYY!!!!!
So today here is what my food looks like
Light Yogurt for Breakfast ( I was not able to finish though)
Apple sauce for snack
Homemade soup for Lunch
Cottage Cheese for snack
Protein shake before Gym
and Re fried Bean for Dinner....
Dr said my incisions looked great but not great enough for me to get back in the pool yet. Also that he sees on average 10-15 LBs lost the first month with the band... I am at 2 wks and 12 lbs so he said I am doing wonderful with that.
Today I saw my PCP and he thought I was doing wonderful TOO.. its so nice to go to the Dr and get a good report... I am coming off one of my meds already and he is switching up 2 others, hopes to have me off  BP meds eventually.
And I cant tell you how much better I feel just eating a little bit more regular... but other than occasionally bending wrong and feeling the port tenderness still I would not notice I had had surgery....
So Blessed to have had a quick recovery!


  1. Congratulations!! What a wonderful loss so far! I'm sure you're feeling wonderful and so proud of yourself for coming so far already! Enjoy your mushies.. that was an exciting time for me too! You're doing fabulous! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I am loving this band :)