Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3 Wk Post Op Weigh In

Today has been 3 wks since I was banded and I am feeling wonderful! I am back in the gym every day, was able to get in the pool last night for H2O Fitness Class. And I am training for my first 5K.
Total loss so far is 27.2 Lbs
Total loss since Banded is 13.9 Lbs ! YAY!!!!! 100.8 Lbs to go..

I love this pic and how true it is. I think sometimes its hard not to say well
ABC has lost _______ already  or why am I working so hard and the weight is not justt falling off. BUT if we really evaluate who we were yesterday as long as we are more healthy today, we are moving in the right direction. Can I run on the Elliptical 30 seconds longer today than yesterday before I have to slow back down to a walk. Are my pants fitting better or are they loose. Here is one of the first thing I noticed and it sounds silly.. I HAVE SAUSAGE FINGERS there you go I said it. Like had to hold my hands under cold water and really work to get my rings off prior to surgery. About a wk ago I noticed not only were my rings spinning I could easily get them on and off with little to no effort. HELLO Christy!!! that was a HUGE NSV for me.... that same wk the scale did not budge but I knew other parts of me were changing and for the good.

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