Monday, April 15, 2013

Ruff Weekend ...TMI WARNING

I had a realy ruff weekend this weekend. I am having a hard time ...ummm... going potty...
I know I know but its part of life and I am guessing it is bc I am on liquids right now with LOTS of protien but NO Fiber....I tried everything from Milk of Mag to hot tea and hot prune juice to a tblespoon of Olive Oil.... Finally got some relief real late last night. Today even though I am still supposed to be on liquids through tomorrow I am eating some apple sauce for some fiber ( My daughter drinks it out of a straw so I am going with the fact it has to be thin enough) and laying off the protien shakes the next 2 days, I am sure the Dr will frown when he sees my low protein count for 2 days in a row but my appt is tomorrow and I will tell he the issues I am having then. I have a chart showing everything I have drank since day one so he will be able to see Ive only changed it up right now and really only bc I know I have an appt with him tomorrow... if it was any further out I would call the office for some advise. I am hoping once I can incorporate some different foods in later this week that will help.
Any ways so sometimes I am slow and things just don't dawn on me or sink in but I had a major DUH moment last week.
I put my regular work pants on Wed morning ( Monday and Tue had just worn black yoga pants to work) and my regular pants were TIGHT in the waist. OK  now  I know I just had surgery a wk before it just had not dawned on me that my stomach would be that swollen. I mean these pants were so loose before surgery I could pull the up an down with out un-buttoning them then Wed they were so tight in the waist they hurt... I know it was just swelling but just something I just had never thought of before hand. They were however very baggy in the butt and legs so woo hooo!!!!

So like I mentioned above I have my 2 wk post op with the Dr tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what his scales reflect.. ( mine have been bouncing up and down the last wk I am sure due to my potty issues ) I have another list of questions for this appt.  And I am so looking forward to him telling me I can move on to mushie foods on Wednesday :)

Then Wednesday I have a post op appt with my PCP... he wanted to see  me 2 wks post op to review my prescriptions and see if we can reduce or if I can come off any yet :)

So I got a big first half of the week on taps !


  1. I put a capful of miralax in my morning water. Never had constipation issues after starting the miralax.

    1. Thanks! I will try that Dr told me Tues I was okd to use Miralax now if need be. I have it on my list to pick up this weekend. Tho thankfuly I have been...going this week but I want to have some around the house anyways.:)