Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2nd Work Day and update from yesterday

Well my energy level is just not back to normal yet so even though I came to work yesterday, I had to go home at lunch to take a little nap. Also yesterday I was very hungary, I am guessing this is b/c the swelling is going down on the inside..
Today I changed the menu up a little bit to hopefully control a little of that.
My follow up with the surgeon is one wk from today :) that is exciting. I also have a post op appt scheduled with my PCP to review my prescriptions next Wed... so I am looking foward  to some good appts next week!
Well I am back at work today another full day..  if I had a different work situation I would have worked 1-5 yesterday and today to ease my way back in. Last night by time I made it home I was wiped out and I am expecting the same tonight..

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