Monday, April 29, 2013

Start of another work week

Well weekend is over.. got my C25K training in this weekend... 1.94 miles on W1D3 so further than ever so far.... Got to go see my nephews, this makes an Auntie so happy!
Wednesday this week I am 4 wks post op and I cant believe it... I have an apt with the Nutritionist Wed afternoon for a group class on how to eat moving forward going in to "soft ' food for 2 wks then regular after that. I will confess though I am struggling with the idea of  "food" I mean by this point in my mushies stage my Dr told me I could be eating Chicken Salad which I love, and I was very excited to try>>>>>BUT, I have tried twice and both times was too scared to actually swallow the food in my mouth. So I ended up spitting it out and tossing out the rest of what I had in my cup. I am so scared to be stuck and get sick. Maybe its because I have been on liquids and mushies so long and I don't have any issues with those, ahhh bc they are slider foods... I know I gotta woman up and try something again so I picked out a new recipe from the Bandwagon Cookery to try later this week, Chicken w Orange Sweet and Sour... I believe is the name I don't have it right in front of me. I will let you know how it goes :)
I also plan to talk to the Nutritionist about my fear. I have a feeling it maybe a common fear, so we will see what he says.
On another note.. I think my body has finally caught up with all the changes, major surgery, nutrition overhaul, 2 wks out of the gym, then back in everyday...etc... I was going to wait till Wed to post new weight loss but I cant wait... down since surgery 17.2 ... that is 3.3 lbs since wed 4/24/13 and it gets me over the 30 LB mark for pre and post op weight loss to a total of  30.50 LBS....Here are some examples of 30 Lbs ... 20 Dozen Large Eggs =240 Eggs ( ok you know I had to put that in there we raise over 100 chickens for eggs we got eggs comin out of our ears) or 3  10Lbs bags of Potatoes, or 4 Newborn Babies... things that make you go HUMMM....
Moto fo the day! Maybe wk! HECK MAYBE LIFE I LIKE THIS ONE!!!

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