Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One week Banded!

Wow what a week its been! Everyday I am getting stronger and am able to do more than the day before. Total loss since surgery (1 wk) 12 lbs! I know this is a lot of water plus the fact I am on all liquids still and it will slow down a lot here next week when I enter into the mushie phase of my post op diet, but that's ok 12 lbs is 12 lbs... I'll take it!
Here's somethings that are different from a wk ago... today I can keep my eyes open when people are talking to me ( lol that anesthesia kicked my butt, was Sat before I was not in a haze)..I am hungary(swelling has gone down on my insides) last week I knew how many grams of protein I needed and forced myself to eat them (mainly used a 3 oz protien shot w 42 grams of protein. ..didn't have to drink but 3 oz got 2/3rd of my days protein) . So this week I've had to figure out the best ways to space my liquids so I don't get to hungary. .. My incision are itchy this week. ( good sign of healing)....I have real work clothes on today, including a bra! Yay me!!!...These are just a few:-)
Can't wait to see what the next week and next week and next week will hold!

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